6 Podcasts for Self Motivated Creatives


Boss Files with Poppy Harlow

In each episode of Boss Files, Poppy Harlow of CNN chats with some of the biggest names in business to learn how they are making an impact in their respective fields. As a journalist, she asks questions that most podcast hosts shy away from, including topics like diversity, sexual harassment and gender equality.

katrina lake on being a female entrepreneur...

I felt like I could be taken more seriously if I really knew everything about my business inside and out, and I spent a lot of time really making sure that I did.

Emily Weiss on influencer marketing...

The power of beauty consumerism used to lie in the hands of art directors, celebrities, and of brand-appointed spokespeople because that was the only option. But now that we are in an era of social media, social media is the preferred option. It is statistically proven that women want to listen to other women.


If you're into podcasts, you've probably already heard of the Goal Digger Podcast hosted by Jenna Kutcher, but it's too good to not be included. What is it exactly? It's what Jenna describes as a 'live-workshop style business podcast for creative girl bosses.' 

ALAINA KACZMARSKI on how to get started...

There really was a void with creating attainable, affordable, and relatable content in terms of magazines and even blogging at the time. That's how all startups work -- you see a need and you set out to create it.

Jen Gotch on stress...

You don’t need a diagnosed mental illness to have good days and bad days.


Ever found yourself questioning your current career path? Cue Second Life, a podcast 'that spotlights successful women who've made major career changes—and fearlessly mastered the pivot.' Listen along as host Hillary Kerr, Who What Wear and MyDomaine co-founder, chats with women we all know, love and respect.

Marianna Hewitt on being self-employed...

As great as being self-employed is, you also have to have a lot of structure and discipline. At first I was working all hours of the day, 7 days a week because I had no idea how to give myself ‘hours’ or a schedule.

My mentality is someone out there is doing the thing you want to do. Why can't it be you?

Jessica Alba on going for it...

We live in a time and space where side hustles are the norm, and you are allowed to evolve as a person. You only have this one life, and good Lord it's short. If you live with this notion that you've got nothing to lose, why not just try it? I think you owe it to yourself.

There's always a way to dip your toe in until you know it's safe enough to go in full speed ahead.



Finally, a podcast all about the ever-changing trends of influencer marketing! The Influencer Podcast, hosted by marketing strategist Julie Solomon, will take you behind the scenes to learn the secrets of your favorite influencers and industry elites.

KATHLEEN BARNES on setting priorities...

You have to be intentional with how you choose to run your business, and a lot of that depends on what's more important to you.

VALORIE DARLING on content creation...

We made our board, now let's throw it away. I want to make magical images that other people want to pin, and not try to recreate the same ones that you just saw. I want to tell your story, what's unique to you.


In each episode of Girlboss Radio, Sophia Amoruso asks boundary-pushing women about their first jobs and the lessons they learned. It's a casual, interview-style podcast that offers advice to women looking to start their own careers.

RUPI KAUR on how to get out of a creative funk...

For me, it’s about conversation and just connecting with people. It’s this connection with people that inspires me.

Aimee Song on the problem with Instagram...

I think we're all guilty of doing the pretty breakfast shot with the wrist candy and avocado toast. I'm so tired of it. You look at it and you don't even know whose photo is whose. Everything starts looking the same. What does that photo say about you? Nothing.

The Angie Lee Show

The Angie Lee Show is a light-hearted, laugh out loud version of the five podcasts shared above. Equal parts comedic and informational, every episode is worth the listen.

Jasmine Star on quality over quantity...

Your business will go farther being genuinely interested in two other people than it will trying to get 200 people interested in you. The way you truly monetize a social following is understanding that you are there for one person. The one-to-one connection is so far undervalued on social media.

Amanda Bucci on authentic branding...

If your video and images don't match your best friend's description of you, then you're missing something.

What are some of your favorite podcasts? Let me know if a comment below or on this Instagram post, I'm always looking for new ones!