An Affordable Wall Art Hack

An easy wall art hack #EasilyInspired

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Finding affordable wall art can be a struggle.

Although retailers like Etsy, Minted and Urban Outfitters have a strong selection of art to choose from visually, their options aren’t always budget-friendly. By the time you select a size, pay for the frame and factor in shipping, it can be upwards of $100. Easily.

So you know what I do? I buy greeting cards instead.

Skim past the cards that say “happy birthday!” or “get well soon” until you find a card worth framing. If you know where to look, you can find inspiring cards that say things like: you are magic, you are stronger than you think, or this is just the beginning. And if you look a little harder, you can even find cards that speak to your soul without words.

There are so many talented graphic designers, artists and illustrators who sell cards for just $3 to $5. Not only are their cards a cost effective way to decorate, their designs are often prettier than what you may find at big retailers. All the Ways to Say, Antiquaria, Fox & Fallow, Rifle Paper Co. and Worthwhile Paper are a few of my favorites, and a great place to start if you’re looking for an alternative to traditional prints.

3 ways to display your cards

There are countless ways to creatively display your cards, but over at my house I tend to stick to the following three. Let me know in a comment below how you would hang yours!


01. Picture Frame

Framing a card can be a little bit tricky.

It’s important to keep in mind that cards can vary slightly in size. If you have an A6 card (4.5” x 6.25”), you should be able to display it in a 8” x 10” frame with a 4” x 6” mat without a problem. But if you have an A2 card (4.25” x 5.5”), like this one, you’re going to have a tiny gap between the mat and the card.

To avoid this problem, you can a) cut a new mat, b) use a floating frame, or c) choose a different way to display your card.


02. Bulletin Board

This bulletin board from Target is the perfect base for a mood board — trust me, I currently have it hanging in my office!

If you’re an easily inspired gal like me, this bulletin board will make it super easy to swap out different cards as you find new, eye-catching designs that you want to display.

At the moment, I have two cards from Rifle Paper Co. on mine. One is an illustration of Rainbow Row in Charleston and the other is of cherry blossom season in Washington D.C. Both are tiny reminders of the beauty I’ve seen and the places I’ve been.


03. WALL Grid

Compared to the first two options, showcasing your cards on a wall grid is definitely the most effortless. Just grab a gold clip and violà!

But simple can mean stylish, too. According to a quick Google search, you can find wall grids at Target, Urban Outfitters and World Market, which means they’re definitely popular right now.

To see how I styled my wall grid, be sure to check out My White + Gold Bedroom Tour. Although it isn’t pictured, I later added this card from Swell Made Co. along with the black and white photos.

Is this a new wall art hack for you or have you been decorating with cards for years? Let me know in a comment below or over on my Instagram!