Inspiration for Your Next Girls Trip


I’ve had some really fun family vacations and I’ve crossed off a few incredible places on my bucket list with Brady. But there’s something really special to be said about traveling with your best friend. And if you landed on this page, it’s likely that you agree —

Girls trips are good for the soul.

To inspire your next getaway with the girls, I’ve rounded up a few ideas for you to consider. From Austin, Texas to Washington, DC, the following 10 destinations are blogger approved, tried-and-true!

30A, FL

“I knew it was going to be gorgeous from looking at pictures, but it went WAY beyond my expectations. If you are heading to the panhandle anytime soon, make sure to check out all the cute shops and get a coconut drink on the beach!”

— Hannah Dtrick

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Austin, TX

“Despite being a big city, there's still a smaller, laid-back feel. Austin has an amazing food scene with darling restaurants truly left and right, and I was obsessed with the restaurant decor everywhere we went.”  

— Love, LENORE

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Charleston, SC

“From the bright, colorful buildings to the culture of the town, there was so much to see. Take turns with the camera because you will have so many beautiful photo opportunities!”

— Daily Shea Leigh

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Hilton Head, SC

“We just got back from our fun-filled sister vacation, where we attended the Hilton Head Food & Wine Festival. Let’s just say we will definitely be back!!”

— KC Double Take

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Hudson, NY

“If you’re looking for a low-key getaway with your girlfriends, Hudson is the perfect spot! Small town vibes with metropolitan styles. This is definitely not a ‘let’s pregame and hit the club at midnight’ type trip, but definitely is a ‘sip wine by the fire and go to sleep at 9pm’ trip! Call me lame, but I certainly prefer the latter these days.”

— The Incogneatist

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Martha’s Vineyard, MA

“With both our minds flipped to vacation mode, we were in much more of a go with the flow mindset as opposed to following a strict itinerary. Neither of us had been to Martha’s Vineyard before so our mutual excitement instantly filled the air with good vibes!”

— The Millennial Miss

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New York, NY

“It is one of my favorite things to take people to New York for their first time, but every time I go I end up finding new places... which is the beauty of it! Just get lost in the hustle and wander.”

— Gracefully Taylored

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Palm Beach, FL

“If there is anything Palm Beach does better than the rest, it's shop. You could spend an entire day getting lost in all the pretty little alleys, and exploring all the interesting shops. Perhaps stopping for a cocktail along the way.”

— Abby Capalbo

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Palm Springs, CA

“You know we had an absolutely incredible stay because we didn’t leave the hotel once! We spent hours by the pool, sipping on cocktails, soaking up the sun.”

— But What Should I Wear

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Washington, DC

“With the historic monuments, cobblestone streets, and boutique shopping, it is really no wonder that we fell in love with the beautiful location.”

— Lifestyle by Anna Elizabeth

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Where will you and your girlfriends travel to together next? Share a comment below if you have a good recommendation for other Easily Inspired readers!