How I Edit My Photos in Lightroom


It's time for a confession.

For a while, I really struggled to define my aesthetic as a blogger/photographer. I knew I wanted something that was representative of my personality and my lifestyle, and could be used consistently with the images I took. But... as the #EasilyInspired gal that I am, I was intrigued by styles that weren't right for me.

I've always been drawn to the light and airy look, but I found myself attempting to edit my photos like Jaci Marie and India Earl. Both girls take and edit such beautiful photos, and are such an inspiration to me, so naturally, I tried to emulate their styles and edit with their presets.

But ya know what? I felt like a phony. I was never happy with my images or the way I was editing because it didn't feel like me. So, I pushed myself to develop an aesthetic of my own. I pushed myself to come up with a workflow that was flattering