The Little Things


"It's the little things in life" is one of those phrases that everyone seems to know. Without giving it a second thought, I say it more often than I realize. And I bet you do, too.

We say "it's the little things" because it's a popular phrase that rolls off the tongue; too often, we say it out of habit. But when you think about it, it's ironic (and unfortunate) that the very reminder to stop and appreciate life's little joys has become cliché -- overused and meaningless.

90 Things I Find Joy In (And You Might Too) by Chickpea in the City reminded me that, in life, the little pieces are just as important as the big picture. It's important to stop and appreciate every trivial little thing because those trivial little things matter. 

Sometimes we forget to notice. But small, simple joys can make us really happy when we let them! So today, I'm sharing my own list of little things to help me remember that life is in the details. And if you're feeling #EasilyInspired, I hope you do the same.

Parallel parking correctly on the first try.

Thinking of the perfect caption.

Unexpectedly scoring big at HomeGoods or TJ Maxx.

Sweatshirt + shorts weather.

Checking boxes off your to-do list in pen.

Freshly made guacamole from Whole Foods.

Walking barefoot through the sand.

Late check-out at hotels.

Twinkly lights on anything.

Free samples.

Spreading your bare legs through cool sheets.

Listening to country music during the summer.

When you pull into a parking spot and there's still time on the meter.

Driving with the windows down.

When you order a bagel and don't have to apply the cream cheese yourself.

Waking up to snow + classes cancelled.

That Friends is always on Nickelodeon before bed.

Uncontrollable laughter.

Plugging in your laptop right before it dies.

When an old song comes on the radio + transports you back in time.

Finding cash in a purse you haven't used in a while.

Red cups from Starbucks at Christmas.

Good hair days.

Hearing how people met.

The way your dog always greets you with excitement.

Late night heart-to-hearts.

Looking through old photos.

Breakfast in bed.

First dates that aren't awkward.

Changing into sweatpants after a long day at work.

Authentic New York pizza.

Hearing your favorite song at a concert.

Waking up in a good mood.

Sitting down after being on your feet all day.

When your eyeliner is actually even.


Getting free dessert at a birthday dinner.

Road trips when the car is full of friends.

Feeling like nothing has changed when you reunite with an old friend.

A perfectly cooked steak.

Relatable lyrics.

A positive customer service experience.

Earning free Starbucks Rewards.

A book you can't put down.

Breakfast for dinner.

Getting packages in the mail.

When Netflix adds a throwback from your childhood.

When your dog willingly cuddles with you.

Sleeping in on Sunday morning.

When you're at Panera and it happens to be Baked Potato Soup day.

Ice cold water when you're really thirsty.

New school supplies.

When a friend tags you in a funny meme on Instagram.

Reading while its raining.

Immediately falling asleep when your heads hit the pillow.

Cold pizza.

Have you ever said "it's the little things" to refer to something trivial that brought you happiness?