A Beautiful Mess: Monthly Happy Mail

happy-mail-1 Growing up, I was never good at sending cards. I knew it was important to write a heartfelt thank you note after receiving a present or to wish my aunt a happy birthday. But, life was busy and I got good at making excuses. Besides, isn’t that what texting and Facebook were for?

With that in mind, it’s kind of ironic that my first job was working at Hallmark. During my senior year of high school, I started working in mid-December as holiday help. I quickly discovered that the days leading up to Christmas were very chaotic for a little card store. (Probably not the best occasion to learn how to use a cash register…)

The busy holiday season passed and I continued to work at Hallmark after school and on the weekends. On much slower, quieter days, I found enjoyment in reading the assortment of cards. Some cards were laugh-out-loud funny. Some cards were sweetly worded and meaningful. Others were downright inappropriate (Shoebox). As I browsed, I imagined what it would be like to create the graphics for a well-known card company. Even in high school, I was curious about a future in the design industry.

But, my favorite part about working at Hallmark wasn’t just the cards on the shelves. It was the customers that changed the way I viewed the act of giving cards. Each day, numerous people would walk through our door with a special person in mind. For a few silent moments, they would read and compare as many cards as it took. This special person was worth the few extra minutes to hunt for the perfect, $7 card. Simply to make them smile. Witnessing this kindness made me feel a little better about humanity.

I now fully embrace sending cards. 100%. To thank, congratulate, or just to say hi, I send them all.

Recently, I discovered Happy Mail by A Beautiful Mess. (Side note: ABM is one of my favorite blogs to binge! Be sure to check it out for creative tips + inspo.) Happy Mail is a subscription based stationary service. Every month, you will receive a bundle of supplies including multiple cards, colorful envelopes, sticky notes, and other fun surprises! Designed for snail-mail lovers like me, each kit is creatively curated with fun + unique content. The assortment varies from month-to-month, but always contains the frequently used staples (such as birthday cards and thank you notes) with lots of personality.

Here’s to the most thoughtful year yet! There’s no sweeter feeling than sending Happy Mail to the special people in your life. happy-mail-2happy-mail-5happy-mail-6happy-mail